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by Nicole Shelley  [dropcap]E[/dropcap]ver watched someone walk into a room and think, he or she must be a model or he or she must be someone significant? Well, ever wonder what is it about that person that makes them so goliath amidst all the rest of us? The recipe for making a VIP statement, looking socially and professionally mammoth is entrenched in a few basics which if implemented as a fundamental practice or lifestyle, your VIP look and feel will take only minutes a day. To begin with, if you are not in shape, start there. Lipstick on a cow does not change the fact that it is still on a cow. First consult a physician. Beauty does not have to be pain. No use in getting injured while attempting to find your signature look. It would surely defeat the purpose. Find a regular way to increase your metabolism whether it is through yoga, salsa, brisk walking and do what feels right a fun for you. You know what they say? You only live once so always focus on health FIRST, ALWAYS. Remember that you hair is the frame of your face. Find your signature hairstyle that embraces YOU BEST. If you do not have that inherent trait or fashion sense, consult a beautician at a reputable salon so they can walk through what might work best for you. Brilliance New York on Lincoln Road has tons of organic products which help you achieve quick styles while treating your hair to healthy products Trini in Private on Brickell is a great salon which tends to create signature looks for taking into consideration your age, personal style, career and message. Your skin speaks volumes about what goes on inside your body.  No matter what your intentions or goals may be, you want others to see a healthy, clean, glowing person at all times. It is therapy for yourself too.  Are expensive skin care products tantamount to effective skin care? Not exactly. Yes, Guerlain has an orchid cleanser and mask to die for and Christian Dior has day and night creams that make you smell like an aroma infused spring time garden but there are natural cleansers and even toners like witch hazel which you can buy for under $10 and they do a fantastic job as well. Khiels tends to have an array of products for skin care from day to night, under and over makeup. Now that your body, aura, face and hair are set, your attire will be very instrumental in making that signature statement. The fabric, colors and cuts chosen to encase your body type, age, career and message will play a part in denoting YOU. Less is actually more sometimes. It is not a passé cliché. Skinny jeans are great and popping colors are wonderful but neither of the two is for everyone. If you are relatively large over size 8 and you opt to go the skinny jeans route, at least wear a blouse that conceals the ample hips and gluteus maximus. If you choose to go bright on the bottom, try a lighter pastel or darker color on the top so that you do not blind anyone with excess. Never wear the same bright color from head to toe unless it is Carnival time.  Shimmery fabrics are great but let us try to keep them for the night. In the daytime, light reflects from them making you appear larger. This holds true for those of us over a size 4. Under a size 4, it won’t matter if you look a little larger. Closet Keepers-Keep solid colors in abundance. Escada’s 2012 resort collection has plenty of dark neutrals in silk and cotton all of which are timeless but most of all help absorb light and recede into the background.  Not willing to spend $1500 on a dress, go to Loehmann’s, you will find Helmut Lang, Theory, Dolce and Gabana and Tahari for much less and you can still look like millions if it is well styled.  Zara does a phenomenal job at making you look like $ 1000 when you only spent $100. If you are dark skinned, dark neutrals would not make the best choice unless they are worn at the bottom with a bright popping color at the top close to the neck so as to reflect light onto your face. However, dark skin women, this is your time to shine Long legs, do whatever you want. You will have enemies regardless. Now what’s left in your signature look? That’s right, your shoes!  There are few more unsightly things than a man or women in cheap looking, poorly stitched shoes. It can kill an entire outfit in one second and what is worse, it may just be attacking your precious spinal column. Don’t go for only trendy shoes. It is always good to have a regular black, brown or nude pair of pumps that are simple and can carry any clothing trend over a five-year period.  Remember, beauty is not pain.  Brands like Escada, Dolce and Gabana, Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi and Michael Kors manage to have found a happy medium between style and comfort. Some like Cole Haan and Naturalizer forfeit the sex appeal that certain designer put into their shoes and take the more conservative route for a timeless look and teddy bear comfort If you do not have time to accessorize, keep a pair of small white pearls or diamond studs and get a simple matching gold or silver necklace for your studs and a long pearl necklace for your pearl earrings. These are quick to put on, effortless and they always look good, timeless and classy. Last but not least, YOUR BAG. You can almost go naked and barefoot but do not compromise the bag. Make sure it is the right size and texture for the occasion and let it match something on your person so it looks like you put some thought into it otherwise you may look as if you stole it from someone. Stay away from plastic or pleather. It not only looks cheap but smells cheap as well. Leather is always safe. Structured is more formal for business and soft leather more casual occasions. Do not mix a cheap looking bag with expensive shoes or vice versa. Make them both count even if you decide to wear less expensive clothing. Above all else, keep a positive attitude and stand tall always! You will look good in jeans and a t-shirt.   Recommendations: Luxury Spring Summer and Resort – Escada, Bal Harbour Shops Fashionable and Elegant Business-Elie Tahari, Bal Harbour Sops More affordable Business – Tahari, Jones New York, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s Aventura Bargains- Loehmann’s, Design District and Nordstrom Rack, Coral Gables Variety- Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus- Village of Merrick Park Trendy (looks more expensive than it is)- Zara, Aventura Mall Skin Care- Khiels Lincoln Road and Aventua Mall Hair Care- Trini in Private- Brickell Avenue Quick Sexy Trendy Hair in minutes- Brilliance New York, Lincoln Road Shoes- Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Loehmann’s www.nicoleshelleymodels.com

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